Thursday, March 15, 2012

Field Experience Day 4.. Mar. 13th Class 2

After the 5th graders left, the second class came into the gymnasium, I had set up my warm up activity that I had planned for the 1st graders. The class came into the gym and was looking to see what they were going to do today. They all had smiling faces and looked very excited to get play the activities. As soon as the students had sat down, a teacher from another class came into the gym and ended up taking the all the students to practice. The teacher explained to my host teacher that they needed to leave during this class period to work on it. I was very shocked to experience this because they never even gave the P.E. teachers a heads up to let them know ahead of time. Also, to see how they can substitute P.E. to work on another subject. I really was looking forward to leading my warm up activity and I bet the students were as well.

Field Experience Day 4.. Mar. 13th Class 1

Today was day 4 of my field experience. As I walked into the gymnasium, I noticed that there was the volleyball nets set up at both ends of the court. The students were going to play 2 full sided games splitting up the class into 4 teams. My host teacher told me that they were finishing up their volleyball unit in the next few days. He told me that there next unit was going to be on European Handball. I was very excited because they are incorporating a really fun game that breaks away from the traditional sports. He asks, are you ready to teach a full lesson. I respond by saying yes of corse. We worked out what the focus of my lesson should be on and some ideas that I can use.
I noticed that the student teachers that were at the school had transferred to the high school to finish up. There was a new student teacher that also attends the same school as me. He just finished up student teaching at the high school and now is at the elementary level. One of my host teachers was going to teach the lesson today. I thought that I finally got to see him teach and maybe I could use some of his ideas or strategies and use them in my teach. As the lesson went on I noticed that he had good student-teacher relationships with all of his students which I thought can have a huge impact on the lesson. He was very firm the children responded positively to his instructions. During the lesson, the students cooperated as a class and there were no behavioral issues that the teacher had to deal with. I really feel that the lesson went well and all of the students were very active throughout the class. I noticed that he used some of the techniques that I have learned in class. He gave a lot of feedback to the students, both positive and corrective,where he felt it was necessary. Overall, it was a good lesson.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fitness Themes.. Final Lab

Muscular Strength:

Muscular Endurance:


Cardiovascular Endurance:

Body Composition:




Reaction Time:



Monday, February 27, 2012

Lab 16.. Lesson Planning: Four Stages of Game Play

Application and Assessments:
1. I observed a number of elementary kids that were playing soccer after school. They were a group of 4th graders. As I watched them, i noticed that almost all of them had good soccer skills in shooting, dribbling and passing the ball. They were playing a game of 5 on 5 with goalies. I feel that most of them were at level 3. I noticed that they were combining some of the skills such as dribbling and shooting. They definitely emphasized the rules when they felt it was necessary during the game. I feel that they were at the level 3 stage because they showed marking a man which involves defensive roles and they also showed that they each had certain positions on the field which is a good strategy. I feel that in order for these children to get the stage 4, they would need to work on each individual skill more and definitely combined passing, shooting, and dribbling. They could create more defenders on one team to make it more challenging to score. Also adding pressure the defense is a great way to keep them on their feet and make good decisions quickly. The last thing would be to increase the flow of the game play to really test their individual skills on and off the ball.
2. I would use the four stages of gameplay as a rubric in my own physical education class. I would use it to help me assess each individual student in my class. I can use it to see were my students are as a whole class and it will give me an idea what level to start at and what they could do to improve. During lab, we used a chart to come up with activities that progressed to each stage. This can be used in a physical education classroom.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lab 11.. Parachute Fitness!

Application and Assessments:
1. Leonardo Da Vinci was the one that came up with the first sketch of the parachute in 1495. There were many experimental parachutes before the twentieth century. Fauste Veranzio constructed a device similar to Da Vinci's drawing and jumped from a tower in Venice in 1617. Louis Sebastien Lenormand constructed his own parachute, and also invented the name “Parachute”. A french man named Andre- Jacques Garnerin, in 1797, he jumped for the first time using the parachute without a rigid frame. In 1912, was the first jump out of a plane with a parachute. The purpose of a parachute is to create a drag which reduces the speed of a person when in the air to where they can land safely.
2. To introduce the parachute to my class, I would start by getting the students thinking about a parachute actually does. I would then teach the students how to properly unfold and fold the parachute so that they can do it at the start and end of class. I would then teach the students how to handle the parachute by showing them how to hold it and then create ripples and waves. One they get that down, then we can move on to making the cloud. The students can move in and out of the parachute. The headless Horseman is a really good activity and it is very fun. I would then end it with fun activities such as air conditioning or the black hole. 
3. Yoga routines are great for all ages and can be incorporated in any lesson to control the energy levels of the class. It is a great exercise to relax the body and also helps working on breathing. It can also clear the students mind. 
4. Salute to the Sun- Yoga Routine: 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


1. I felt that my lesson was pretty good. As I entered the class, I felt a little nervous because I was going to teach the body of my lesson on a fitness concept. I thought that I came prepared and ready to teach as if I was teaching my own elementary class. I made sure that I had all the equipment I needed for my lesson before hand. As soon as I stepped into the gym, I  set up the different stations that I came up with. After my lesson, I thought about some strengths and weaknesses that I have when I'm teaching. I felt that the hook I used really got the students engaged and wanting to participate. I feel that I used the time I had to teach wisely. Also, my instructions and demonstrations were clear and simple. I gave positive and corrective feedback when I felt it was necessary. I felt that the use of 2 apples to pretend that one that looked good was a healthy heart and the one that was brown and moldy was the unhealthy heart. I used an apple to help them learn the concept on cardiovascular fitness. I felt that I could of used more visual aids and also incorporate more props into my lesson. This would definitely benefit the children on their learning. I also could of came up with more of a variety of stations. Overall, I felt that my lesson went well.
2. One of my most effective teachers was when I was in fifth grade. He taught in a way that all the students can learn and understand the information. He always let us work in groups to try and come up with the answers as a team. He made me really feel comfortable and got everyone involved. The one thing that I will always remember him by is when he used play a game with the class when everyone was behaving. We would all stand up where we were sitting and he would call out someones name and throw the nurf football to them. They would then have to answer the question from the topic we went over and if we answered it correctly we would earned bonus points in class. I will always remember my fifth grade teacher.
3. There are many goals that I set for myself for my 355 field experience. My number one goal is to get all the students engaged into my lessons in a fun way. I want all the students to learn in a fun way. Another goal I have is to have the students involved throughout the whole lesson with minimal waiting time. This can really benefit the students learning. My last goal would be to give every student the appropriate feedback when necessary to help them improve and learn.

Lab 9/10.. Imagination!

Application and Assessments:
1. The theme that I would chose would be Marvel comics. I would set up different stations of fitness activities were the students can act like their favorite super hero, character, etc.
The first station, I would have the students pretend that they are a super hero character that they love. I would set up the area with enough space to move around in. They would then start performing different motor skills that their character can do.
The next station would be another super hero theme. The students will pretend that they are a super hero that is really strong such as the hulk or iron man. They will perform different exercises to increase their strength such as sit ups and push ups.
The last station, I would set up different jump rope activities that the students would perform. The students will pretend they are a super hero that can jump such as spiderman.
2. I feel that Stan Lee is a great example of a person that uses great imagination and creativity. He turned the image of super heros to resemble real life situations. This enabled so many children to want to pretend to be their favorite character and copy their positive behaviors.Also, The Warner Brothers are all very creative people that inspired over millions of viewers. They used their imaginations to have an impact on children's lives.
3. The rubric would be out of 4 points.

  • Involvement in activities 1  2  3  4 
A 4 would mean that the students are fully involved in each activity. A 3 would mean that the student is involved throughout each activity but lacks enthusiasm. A 2 would mean that the student occasionally is taking part into some of the activities. A 1 would mean that the students do not seem to have any involvement in the lesson and does not show any enthusiasm.

  • Students properly demonstrate the realistic sounds and actions of their character  1  2  3  4 
A 4 would mean that the student demonstrates the appropriate sounds and actions of their character and has high enthusiasm. A 3 would mean the student demonstrates the appropriate action but does fit with the sound. A 2 would mean the student performs the sounds with some errors but lacks the connection between the sound and action. A 1 would mean the student does not demonstrate the appropriate sound and action and their is minimal to no connection.

  • Students guess the object correctly  1  2  3  4
A 4 would mean that the student demonstrates the object correctly. A 3 would mean that the students are able to get the object correctly with minimal help. A 2 would mean that the student uses help from other students by observing them and can then guess the object. A 1 would mean that the student does not guess the correct object and need more instruction and demonstration.