Monday, September 12, 2011

Questions from book

1.  Why is the movement task-student response unit of analysis so important
in physical education?
The movement task-student analysis response unit of analysis is so
important in physical education because it gets students to participate in
activities which is a main objective of physical education.  If students
participate, they will learn.  It is a way for the teacher to review the
student's progress.  It also allows the teacher to give feedback on how the
students are doing.

5.  What is meant by the idea that teaching is a goal oriented activity?
Teaching is a goal oriented activity because teachers set a goal(s) for
their students to accomplish.  Some of those goals will be short-term and
others will be long-term.  The lesson plans the teacher prepares should be
structured so the students can meet those goals.  They should include the
activities and tasks that will enable the students to obtain the skills and

7.  What is the relationship between teaching functions and teaching
skills?  List two teaching functions teachers must perform and describe two
different behaviors teachers can decide to perform.
The relationship between teaching functions and teaching skills is the way
in which the material will be taught to the students.  Teaching functions
is teaching in small steps, allowing the students to practice after each
step, having the students practice with guidance, and providing regular
reviews.  Teaching skills is teaching through preparation, explanation,
demonstration, practice, and application.
Two teaching functions are introducing new content or skills in small steps
and allowing students to practice after each step.  The two different
behaviors teachers can decide to perform are providing guidance with clear
instructions and explanation when the student is practicing a new skill and
providing the students with weekly reviews on their progress towards
mastering the skill.

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