Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last Day at St Mary's.. Thank You!!

This was going to be the Last Day that my class will have the chance to spend time at St. Mary's. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone but I know all the memories that I have will stay with me. I remember the first day I walked into their school not knowing what to expect, new kids that I will meet and how nervous I was. As I went along, I started to get more and more comfortable teaching in front of them and I know it can be challenging. The biggest challenge I had was to get everyones attention which I found strategies to go about this. I know that if you stay confident the whole time and not give up then you can get through it.

This weeks theme was Christmas!! As soon as I arrived, I could see all the kids smiling faces because they knew it was Christmas time. I ended up not teaching a game to them but I did help out my group and it really was fun. We had the older group which was really fun because they love competition. I thought that for the last day, we ended with a great day. Our time at St. Mary's really flew by and I wish I could of had more time with the kids. Being at their school really prepared me for when I get a job and gave me a look at what age group I want to work. I definitely became more confident when I teach and this will be greatly benefited. My life and passion is Physical Education and for that I really want to thank St. Mary's. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving at St Mary's!

We are counting the last times we will be coming to St. Mary's. We just have one more lab to go!  Today's theme was Thanksgiving and my group got to work with the Pre-K children. I haven't worked with this age group yet and I was really excited. Our group led crafts and read books that were relevant to thanksgiving.

Today I decided to read a book to the Pre-K children. It was called the Perfect Pumpkin Pie. I thought that it was a good book to get the kids in the thanksgiving spirit. The only time I've read to children this age was to my little cousins and that was a long time ago so I was a little nervous. As I read to them, I noticed they had a lot of questions to ask me. One of the children was trying to climb on me while I was reading. I fell like I should of put more enthusiasm when I read so that the children can get the full effects of the book and understand it better. I felt like all the kids enjoyed the book.

I also helped out with the crafts that my other group members had come up with. I really think that doing a craft is perfect for their age group. I watched them color in their turkeys faces which put a smile on my face. I really had a lot of fun working with the Pre-K children and I can't wait for are last day their. Christmas Theme!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


For Lab D, I chose Just Dance as my topic for my lesson. This was going to be my last lesson for 255 so I had to finish strong. My first thought was how can I really make my class all get involved at the same time. Also my group decided that we were going to teach at the same time in different rooms. So now instead of this lab being a 20 min lesson, I had to plan my lesson for 50 min. This got me a little nervous because I haven't really experienced teaching for that long. I knew that I had to be creative and come up with something that will keep my lesson productive and fun for the whole time.
At the start of my lesson, I had a good feeling that it was going to be a good one. I started with giving each student a handout when they walked into the class. For Lab D, all of my peers were given a health topic to tie into the lesson. My topic was Body Image which definitely can be related to dancing. So my handout was a flyer about a fitness gym that is located right here in Cortland. I thought that this would be perfect because it is convenient. It also had the times of when its open, how much it costs monthly, and a map quest of how to get there.

After that, I had planned an instant activity to dance to the Cha Cha Slide. I thought that this would be a good song to start getting your body moving. Then I demonstrated the new dance moves that we will be learning for the song Funky Town. When I was flipping through the song selection on Just Dance, I knew that my class would enjoy learning this song because it was very funny. They ended up really getting a kick out of the song. The next song I chose was the Cotton Eye Joe. I felt that everyone got all the moves down pretty well and the cues for each of them helped a lot. Toward the end of my lesson I had them actually get to use the controllers and play the game to see how well they can perform the dance moves. Everyone really did a great job!

Overall, I felt that my lesson for Lab D went really well and I could see that my peers definitely had a good time with it.

Just Dance Packet
Time Coding
Feedback Form
Developing the Content

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Great Day to be a Smurf at St Mary's!!

Today at St. Mary's was a holiday I'm sure every kid loves; Halloween! So I decided that I was going to wear my costume to show all the kids that I'm excited to be here and for halloween. As soon as I walked in, I've got so many kids attention and I heard them say " Hey, are you papa smurf!" and one girl said "Oh My God your a smurf!" I then knew it was a great idea for me to wear my costume and really got the kids wanting to be involved in our games. They all came with so much energy which made the games more fun.

Today my group and I had special projects. This is when we help clean up and end the day with a group game, song and a cheer. So Cory and I thought of a game that was related to Halloween and the skill throwing. We were assessing the kids on their overhand throw and catching so it worked out perfectly. I thought all the children were having a Blast! This really put a smile on my face.
Overall, I feel that Halloween at St Mary's went Great! All the kids had so much energy and really made me get involved in everything we were doing. I can't wait for Thanksgiving at St Mary's!

Let's Play Korfball! Lab C

My lesson for Lab C was on a sport called Korfball. Korfball is a sport that originated in the Netherlands. It is a sport very similar to basketball in many ways. It is one of the only Official mixed gender sport in the world! I thought that this sport was a great idea to teach.

For Lab C, we were given 10 minutes this time to plan for. So I decided to focus on defensive stance and positioning in Korfball. One of the things I thought I did good on was my presentation to the class about Korfball and showing how defense is crucial. I feel that my demonstration of the defensive stance was done well. However, I really thought that I could have done a lot better then I did today. I was nervous and too tense while I was teaching. Also, while I watched the video I noticed that my instant activity was about 4 min long for a ten minute lesson. I realized that I need to manage my time better. 

Overall I thought that my lesson went well, and know what I need to work on so that I'm prepared for Lab D. Lets Go!

Korfball Packet
Time Coding
Feedback Form
Developing the Content

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mary's Marvels Back Again!

It has been awhile since we've gone to St. Mary's. The theme for the day was Sports teams! I was happy to see that almost all of our class was wearing a jersey or some sort of team logo on. I feel like this really had effect on the kids by them right from the start interacting with all of us; calling out the players or teams on our shirts. It also benefited us during the lesson when we taught. I knew that we were going to have a blast!

Today Mary's Marvels were going to have the pleasure of working with the older group. This was definitely a good time to have the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. They love to be competitive at this age and most of there motor skills should be really proficient. This week, I taught a game that many kids really love called speedball. This is a game that involves a combination of sports such as basketball, soccer, and handball. I thought that I did a good job of explaining the rules in a way that they can understand easily. Most of the kids were listening and paying attention to my instructions but there was a few that weren't. One kid said "I just wanna play already". I responded with If you listen then we can play faster! That worked out. During the game, I saw pretty much everyone really getting into it and having a blast. It really started to get more competitive when the score as the game went along. One thing that I saw that I couldn't believe was the goalie punted the ball and it landed right in the other teams basket! I was in shock. We all then congratulated him on his amazing job and he really was proud of himself.

Overall I think that all the kids really enjoyed speedball and Im looking forward to next week at St Mary's!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cortland Mini Conference!

Today was my first time attending the SUNY Cortland P.E Mini-Conference! Everything was very new to me and I didn't know what to expect. As soon as we arrived, are instant activity to start up the day was to have a flash mob workout to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO! I thought it went really well and it was a lot of fun. Are goal was to try to get as many people into it as we can and for the most part it worked out. The dance routine that we performed I thought was simple enough for everyone to feel comfortable trying. 

After that, I volunteered to help out at the registration table and any assistance they might need. I met many new people and saw some familiar faces too. As soon as I was done with helping out, I went to go check out Professor Yang's Exergamer Lab which was awesome! I love how he incorporated staying active while playing video games. Now we know that kids love video games so it works out perfectly. The coolest thing I saw was he had an xbox 360 hooked up to a step master. Now the difference is that you must keep stepping or the controller would shut off. I thought this idea was so cleaver! It got me going and I know that it would get kids interested as well. Overall what a great day and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Jump Rope to Lab B

Today was lab B which was teaching a part of the jump roping unit. I thought I really came prepared for my lesson. Today I taught how to jump left to right while jump roping. I wasn't nervous because i'm very comfortable with jump roping and teaching it. 
As I watch the video, I've notice many things have changed that will help me and some things that I still need to work on. One thing I saw was that I was clear in my directions and in my demonstration. Also, I thought the way I used progression really helped the students learn at there own pace. The one thing I really need to work on is being more aware of were the students actually are. 

After the lesson, I found out that Professor Yang asked about 5 or 6 students to go get a drink of water without telling me. I finally realized that a quarter of the class was gone. Him doing this really woke me up. I know now that it could happen and I need to adjust my body so that I have a clear view of every single student. Overall lab B went really well!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

St Mary's.. Day 2

My second day at St. Mary's went really well! For the time there I got to lead the children in an activity of my own. I was a little nervous for the first time with them but I felt as I went along with my game I was more comfortable. For my activity, I incorporated motor skills such as running and galloping. I thought the children really had a lot of fun during my game because I saw so many smiling faces and laughter. I also noticed that some kids were really good at galloping and a few that still needed some guidance. Im glad that I had help from my group. Overall, many of the kids were able to perform these skills correctly and that really put a smile on my face.

My biggest challenge of that day was getting the kids attention when I was explaining the game. I thought my hook helped save me. Before the lesson, I had written down so many different things to address to them  but I ended up not even saying half of it. If I hadn't of done this, I new the children would loose interest. What I realized from this was that a good lesson should be short and sweet and get to the point. I know for next lab that I will definitely use this technique. Looking Forward to Lab 3 at St Mary's!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dodgeball apart of PE?

I feel that dodgeball shouldn't be played in a physical education classroom. Even though I grew up playing basically everyday. Whether it was at school p.e or at summer camp, I've always was into it. I believe that there are so many other different games or activities that can be taught to kids that will work on the same things. For instance, different motor skills that will benefit kids greatly. There also are many variations of dodgeball that can be played that aren't as intimidating for youngsters to play.

255 Lab A2 Pics

              I look Professional! 

        Getting really into it! 

         Wish my eyes weren't closed.  
Very Emotional Pic!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ped 255 Lab A2

Today was the second day of lab! I felt that there were many things that I had done differently from the first time teaching to benefit me. One thing I noticed as I watched my video was I spoke so much clearer and didn't slur my words. I felt a lot more comfortable while I was instructing the class. I thought my hook that I had was pretty good and got everyones attention. I'm sure that kids will love incorporating squishing bugs into my lesson and fall into it better. I noticed that the class was having a good time doing my activity and learning at the same time.
I believe that there is always room for improvement and I will strive everyday to get better as a physical educator.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

St Mary's.. Day 1

My first day at St Mary's was Great! It was everything I expected it to be. All the kids that I met and interacted with had so much energy and were great to be around. There was this one kid that I thought was just like me when I was his age. I felt that I could really relate to him and we got along well. The was another kid that stood out to me. She was really good at jump roping for her age. I couldn't believe how good she was. I've worked with this age group for over 6 years and I feel that this is the level I want to teach physical education. I had a blast and Im really looking forward to coming back. I feel that this class is going to be a great learning experience and really benefit me. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Questions from book

1.  Why is the movement task-student response unit of analysis so important
in physical education?
The movement task-student analysis response unit of analysis is so
important in physical education because it gets students to participate in
activities which is a main objective of physical education.  If students
participate, they will learn.  It is a way for the teacher to review the
student's progress.  It also allows the teacher to give feedback on how the
students are doing.

5.  What is meant by the idea that teaching is a goal oriented activity?
Teaching is a goal oriented activity because teachers set a goal(s) for
their students to accomplish.  Some of those goals will be short-term and
others will be long-term.  The lesson plans the teacher prepares should be
structured so the students can meet those goals.  They should include the
activities and tasks that will enable the students to obtain the skills and

7.  What is the relationship between teaching functions and teaching
skills?  List two teaching functions teachers must perform and describe two
different behaviors teachers can decide to perform.
The relationship between teaching functions and teaching skills is the way
in which the material will be taught to the students.  Teaching functions
is teaching in small steps, allowing the students to practice after each
step, having the students practice with guidance, and providing regular
reviews.  Teaching skills is teaching through preparation, explanation,
demonstration, practice, and application.
Two teaching functions are introducing new content or skills in small steps
and allowing students to practice after each step.  The two different
behaviors teachers can decide to perform are providing guidance with clear
instructions and explanation when the student is practicing a new skill and
providing the students with weekly reviews on their progress towards
mastering the skill.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ped 255 Lab 1A

Today was the first day of lab and I thought it went well. As soon as I arrived at class, I had to begin teaching. In the beginning I was a little nervous but I felt more comfortable as my mini lesson went on. I taught how to do an overhead pass and a bounce pass in basketball. I feel that I could have done a lot of things different for my benefit. After I watched the video of me I realized that even though the camera was not too far from me, I could barley hear my voice. Also I noticed that I stood in one spot while teaching the skill. I should have taught in the middle. Next time I will work on these things to make me better.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Blogg

This will be my first time using blog! Looking forward to it!
                                    Let's go P.E