Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving at St Mary's!

We are counting the last times we will be coming to St. Mary's. We just have one more lab to go!  Today's theme was Thanksgiving and my group got to work with the Pre-K children. I haven't worked with this age group yet and I was really excited. Our group led crafts and read books that were relevant to thanksgiving.

Today I decided to read a book to the Pre-K children. It was called the Perfect Pumpkin Pie. I thought that it was a good book to get the kids in the thanksgiving spirit. The only time I've read to children this age was to my little cousins and that was a long time ago so I was a little nervous. As I read to them, I noticed they had a lot of questions to ask me. One of the children was trying to climb on me while I was reading. I fell like I should of put more enthusiasm when I read so that the children can get the full effects of the book and understand it better. I felt like all the kids enjoyed the book.

I also helped out with the crafts that my other group members had come up with. I really think that doing a craft is perfect for their age group. I watched them color in their turkeys faces which put a smile on my face. I really had a lot of fun working with the Pre-K children and I can't wait for are last day their. Christmas Theme!

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