Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lab 3.. LOG- Low Organized Games!

Application and Assessments:
1. The locomotor skill i have selected is the Jump. I will tell the kids that there are many ways to learn they proper way to jump. When jumping we want to have our feet together. Also your knees should be bent before you take off the ground. Before you are going to jump, the student should then swing both their arms back and forth and then land on both feet.
2. The three pathways that we used for each of the low organized games in the lesson was a straight pathway, circular pathway and a zigzag pathway.
3. I would first talk to the children about coming to class ready to learn. Then I would talk about giving their best effort each and every day they come to PE class. Students that are giving 100% can really understand and conceptualize what is being taught in the lesson. It will also let the teacher know where each students skill level is at and what to correct. I would ask how much effort should you put out during class? Why should you always try your best? If the task is hard, should you give up? I would respond by telling the students that you should always try your best because it will make you better and to never give up and keep trying. The more effort you put in, the greater the reward will be.
4. Gallop-
  • Face and move in a forward direction 

  • Choose a foot to start with and step forward with it. This is your lead foot.
  • Keep that same leg in the lead during the gallop 
  • The back leg chases the front leg but does not go ahead of it 

  • Bend at the knees and try to be "light" on your feet as you gallop 
  • Never let the back leg pass the lead leg

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lab 2.. Let's Sing!

Application and Assessment:
1. As physical educators, we should modify exercises for kindergarten and first grade students. When they are young, we should demonstrate the proper technique to them so that in the future the student can perform it correctly. Having a good form is crucial in performing any exercise to improve. This can benefit the student by preventing any injuries.
2. Rhythmic activity is very important because it keeps children motivated and active to improve their learning. Singing and dancing is a great way to get them involved. Also, incorporating music into the lessons is another great idea. During my 256 experience, I was able to lead a warm up activity for a fitness class. I came up with the idea to play a song that all the students were familiar with. The song had a variety of dance moves to go along with it. This really got everyone involved and active right from the start of class while teaching them different movements.
3. Literality is when a person has to use one side of the body over the other. Tracing giant letters is a great game that can help reinforce cognitive learning. Giving the students the opportunity to pretend to draw out their name or their favorite color is making them think about how small or big they want to make it. This definitely improves their cognitive thinking.
4. As an educator, we should be concerned if a child is not able to keep an internal beat. Children with an internal beat can sing along and dance to the beat with imagination. It is very important to recognize that a child is not able to perform this.
5. Homo-lateral movements are when a person only uses one side of their body instead of both. For example, during the lab we were asked to get in push-up position and lift up our right arm and left leg. This incorporates using both sides of your body at one time. Cross lateral movements is when a person transfers their movement from one side of their body to the other. The push-up exercise is a good example of this movement.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lab 1..

Application and Assessment:
1. Class management and effective teaching go hand in hand throughout every day because it is good to always refresh the students memory about the rules and regulations that they should abide by during class. Playing various games would be an example of a way for them to remember.
2. The list of class rules should be short and positive because it should get the attention of the students and a way for them to actually listen to them.
3. The students can visually see every one in the class. The students get to work in groups. 
Teachers benefit from this by seeing all the students. Prevents misbehavior. 
4. Common elements that all these activities share are to enhance cardio-respiratory endurance. Also improving students response to your signals and direction. Practice sound body control.
5. The affective domain is addressed by the students having a positive attitude toward the class, their peers and the teacher. The cognitive domain is addressed by the students gaining the knowledge of the appropriate classroom behavior and how to respond to the directions.  The psychomotor domain is addressed by the students working on their physical movement and motor skills. Also improving cardio-respiratory endurance.

Classroom Behavior Management Game- Superstars
Have students line up ready to leave. I pick two students to be the first "Superstars". They count 1,2,3 superstars! When they are counting the other students dance in place and when they say superstars they strike a pose. The superstars pick someone to take their place.
My rule is that girls pick boys and boys pick girls.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Day.. 355!

My name is Greg Primavera and I am from New York. My favorite extra curricular activities are soccer and wrestling. I have played soccer since I was 3 years old and still today involved in the sport. I also wrestled since I was in middle school and I was on the varsity team in high school. I love both of these sports and I will become a coach. 
I have a lot of experience with children at the elementary level. I worked at a day camp for 7 years at all different age groups. I also taught as a tennis instructor at another day camp for 1 year. I feel that I have a good experience with elementary children. During this class, I hope to learn many different strategies to approach children at the elementary level. Also, I would like to work on improving my creativity in getting all of the students motivated to become and stay active.