Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lab 2.. Let's Sing!

Application and Assessment:
1. As physical educators, we should modify exercises for kindergarten and first grade students. When they are young, we should demonstrate the proper technique to them so that in the future the student can perform it correctly. Having a good form is crucial in performing any exercise to improve. This can benefit the student by preventing any injuries.
2. Rhythmic activity is very important because it keeps children motivated and active to improve their learning. Singing and dancing is a great way to get them involved. Also, incorporating music into the lessons is another great idea. During my 256 experience, I was able to lead a warm up activity for a fitness class. I came up with the idea to play a song that all the students were familiar with. The song had a variety of dance moves to go along with it. This really got everyone involved and active right from the start of class while teaching them different movements.
3. Literality is when a person has to use one side of the body over the other. Tracing giant letters is a great game that can help reinforce cognitive learning. Giving the students the opportunity to pretend to draw out their name or their favorite color is making them think about how small or big they want to make it. This definitely improves their cognitive thinking.
4. As an educator, we should be concerned if a child is not able to keep an internal beat. Children with an internal beat can sing along and dance to the beat with imagination. It is very important to recognize that a child is not able to perform this.
5. Homo-lateral movements are when a person only uses one side of their body instead of both. For example, during the lab we were asked to get in push-up position and lift up our right arm and left leg. This incorporates using both sides of your body at one time. Cross lateral movements is when a person transfers their movement from one side of their body to the other. The push-up exercise is a good example of this movement.

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