Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lab 1..

Application and Assessment:
1. Class management and effective teaching go hand in hand throughout every day because it is good to always refresh the students memory about the rules and regulations that they should abide by during class. Playing various games would be an example of a way for them to remember.
2. The list of class rules should be short and positive because it should get the attention of the students and a way for them to actually listen to them.
3. The students can visually see every one in the class. The students get to work in groups. 
Teachers benefit from this by seeing all the students. Prevents misbehavior. 
4. Common elements that all these activities share are to enhance cardio-respiratory endurance. Also improving students response to your signals and direction. Practice sound body control.
5. The affective domain is addressed by the students having a positive attitude toward the class, their peers and the teacher. The cognitive domain is addressed by the students gaining the knowledge of the appropriate classroom behavior and how to respond to the directions.  The psychomotor domain is addressed by the students working on their physical movement and motor skills. Also improving cardio-respiratory endurance.

Classroom Behavior Management Game- Superstars
Have students line up ready to leave. I pick two students to be the first "Superstars". They count 1,2,3 superstars! When they are counting the other students dance in place and when they say superstars they strike a pose. The superstars pick someone to take their place.
My rule is that girls pick boys and boys pick girls.

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  1. Hi Greg, good post. Make sure you explain everything and try to connect it to what you have previously learned. I really like your management game!