Thursday, November 3, 2011

Great Day to be a Smurf at St Mary's!!

Today at St. Mary's was a holiday I'm sure every kid loves; Halloween! So I decided that I was going to wear my costume to show all the kids that I'm excited to be here and for halloween. As soon as I walked in, I've got so many kids attention and I heard them say " Hey, are you papa smurf!" and one girl said "Oh My God your a smurf!" I then knew it was a great idea for me to wear my costume and really got the kids wanting to be involved in our games. They all came with so much energy which made the games more fun.

Today my group and I had special projects. This is when we help clean up and end the day with a group game, song and a cheer. So Cory and I thought of a game that was related to Halloween and the skill throwing. We were assessing the kids on their overhand throw and catching so it worked out perfectly. I thought all the children were having a Blast! This really put a smile on my face.
Overall, I feel that Halloween at St Mary's went Great! All the kids had so much energy and really made me get involved in everything we were doing. I can't wait for Thanksgiving at St Mary's!

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