Thursday, March 15, 2012

Field Experience Day 4.. Mar. 13th Class 1

Today was day 4 of my field experience. As I walked into the gymnasium, I noticed that there was the volleyball nets set up at both ends of the court. The students were going to play 2 full sided games splitting up the class into 4 teams. My host teacher told me that they were finishing up their volleyball unit in the next few days. He told me that there next unit was going to be on European Handball. I was very excited because they are incorporating a really fun game that breaks away from the traditional sports. He asks, are you ready to teach a full lesson. I respond by saying yes of corse. We worked out what the focus of my lesson should be on and some ideas that I can use.
I noticed that the student teachers that were at the school had transferred to the high school to finish up. There was a new student teacher that also attends the same school as me. He just finished up student teaching at the high school and now is at the elementary level. One of my host teachers was going to teach the lesson today. I thought that I finally got to see him teach and maybe I could use some of his ideas or strategies and use them in my teach. As the lesson went on I noticed that he had good student-teacher relationships with all of his students which I thought can have a huge impact on the lesson. He was very firm the children responded positively to his instructions. During the lesson, the students cooperated as a class and there were no behavioral issues that the teacher had to deal with. I really feel that the lesson went well and all of the students were very active throughout the class. I noticed that he used some of the techniques that I have learned in class. He gave a lot of feedback to the students, both positive and corrective,where he felt it was necessary. Overall, it was a good lesson.

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