Thursday, March 15, 2012

Field Experience Day 4.. Mar. 13th Class 2

After the 5th graders left, the second class came into the gymnasium, I had set up my warm up activity that I had planned for the 1st graders. The class came into the gym and was looking to see what they were going to do today. They all had smiling faces and looked very excited to get play the activities. As soon as the students had sat down, a teacher from another class came into the gym and ended up taking the all the students to practice. The teacher explained to my host teacher that they needed to leave during this class period to work on it. I was very shocked to experience this because they never even gave the P.E. teachers a heads up to let them know ahead of time. Also, to see how they can substitute P.E. to work on another subject. I really was looking forward to leading my warm up activity and I bet the students were as well.

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