Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Field Experience Day 1.. Feb. 7th Class 2

Topic: Management Strategies

As I look back at the last class, I could already get a gist of how physical education was ran at this school. The second the 1st graders arrived to the classroom, I saw all of them come flying into the gym with big smiles on and ready to have fun. I really felt that all the students were enjoying themselves and wanting to play all kinds of games. While helping the host teacher, I really thought to myself that this really might be the right age group that I want to work with when I have a class. I really love to see how my teaching has an immediate impact on them and I can see the progress and development of each student so much more. It really makes me feel good to have an impact on their development.
During the lesson, I noticed that the teacher used pretty good management strategies. His way of managing the students was by using different techniques, some of which we learned in class. He had a set of class rules that the students should follow. The main management strategies that he used with his students was that he would say "freeze" and the students would stop what their doing and listen. I can relate to this because in my first lab of 355 we went over different strategies or approaches to manage and organize the class. I notice that the kids really responded to the teachers voice pretty well. Overall, the teacher uses some good strategies to control in his classroom.

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