Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Field Experience Day 1.. Feb. 7th Class 1

Topic: Reflection on Lesson

Today was the first day of my 355 Field experience. I was really excited to meet new people and interact with the students. When I walked in the gym, I noticed that there wasn't really any that stood out to me. I noticed that the equipment was out and ready to be used in the class. I was able to meet the two host teachers that I will be spending my time with. I was shocked to see that two of my colleagues are currently student teaching at the same school that I was placed at. This can benefit me because we can relate to one another and share experiences. I was able to converse with both of them and get a gist of what is to be expected during my 355 experience and how I can prepare for it. Both of the host teachers were really welcoming and that really made me feel comfortable.
As the first class arrived(5th graders), I noticed all the smiles on the students faces. I was able to introduce myself to the class and that I will be here for 9 weeks. The students replied by asking me questions like why are you here? and where do you go to school? I was really interested in what they had to say. This was the first day of starting the volleyball unit.
The lesson started out by the students performing locomotor movements around the gym for about 10 minutes while playing music. This was one of the warm ups that they have taught the students to do right from the start of class. I thought that this was a good way for the students to get their heart rates up. After this, the students teacher then demonstrated how to bump in volleyball. The students then performed various activities that help work on the bump. I noticed that the student teacher applied the knowledge that I have learned and applied it to his demonstration and throughout the activities. For example, he used the check for understanding after he demonstrated the skill to ensure the learning of the students. The last part of the lesson was the closing activity. It involved a short tag game. I thought that was a good idea to get all the students involved and end the class. Overall, I feel that this was a pretty good lesson.

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