Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Field Experience Day 2.. Feb. 14th Class 2

Topic: Student with Special Needs

After the 5th graders left, it was now time for the 1st graders to have P.E. class. I was a little nervous because I was going to meet the other half of the 1st grade. As soon as they came in, I noticed that many of the students were followed by teaching aids. Many of these students have special needs. The was one students that had autism and another student that had an earpiece built into his ear. From just observing the class, I could see that some of these students had behavioral issues. There was a students that would tend to have trouble getting into the rhythm of the class. As I observed the class, I noticed one of the students with special needs was struggling with bumping the ball to his partner. I then carefully demonstrated to him the proper technique of the bump pass so that it would be a little easier for him. I also explained to him that its ok and to try his best that he can. He ended up being able to make a couple of successful bump passes with his partner. This was a great example for me, that every student no matter what, they are all capable of achieving success and should always give their best effort. Also, there was another student in the class that could not sit still and he has has many behavior issues. He kept getting into conflicts with his peers and forced the teacher to sit him out. I sat down with him and asked "whats wrong?" He said that he felt the activity was too boring and easy. I then suggested a more complex task for him to try. He said that he thought it was challenging enough were it was a lot more fun. I really feel that I helped him participate with the rest of the class.
I am looking forward to observe the 1st graders in their classroom setting. I am also very curious as to how the teacher is able to handle certain situations with the students.

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