Tuesday, February 21, 2012


1. I felt that my lesson was pretty good. As I entered the class, I felt a little nervous because I was going to teach the body of my lesson on a fitness concept. I thought that I came prepared and ready to teach as if I was teaching my own elementary class. I made sure that I had all the equipment I needed for my lesson before hand. As soon as I stepped into the gym, I  set up the different stations that I came up with. After my lesson, I thought about some strengths and weaknesses that I have when I'm teaching. I felt that the hook I used really got the students engaged and wanting to participate. I feel that I used the time I had to teach wisely. Also, my instructions and demonstrations were clear and simple. I gave positive and corrective feedback when I felt it was necessary. I felt that the use of 2 apples to pretend that one that looked good was a healthy heart and the one that was brown and moldy was the unhealthy heart. I used an apple to help them learn the concept on cardiovascular fitness. I felt that I could of used more visual aids and also incorporate more props into my lesson. This would definitely benefit the children on their learning. I also could of came up with more of a variety of stations. Overall, I felt that my lesson went well.
2. One of my most effective teachers was when I was in fifth grade. He taught in a way that all the students can learn and understand the information. He always let us work in groups to try and come up with the answers as a team. He made me really feel comfortable and got everyone involved. The one thing that I will always remember him by is when he used play a game with the class when everyone was behaving. We would all stand up where we were sitting and he would call out someones name and throw the nurf football to them. They would then have to answer the question from the topic we went over and if we answered it correctly we would earned bonus points in class. I will always remember my fifth grade teacher.
3. There are many goals that I set for myself for my 355 field experience. My number one goal is to get all the students engaged into my lessons in a fun way. I want all the students to learn in a fun way. Another goal I have is to have the students involved throughout the whole lesson with minimal waiting time. This can really benefit the students learning. My last goal would be to give every student the appropriate feedback when necessary to help them improve and learn.

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