Monday, February 27, 2012

Lab 16.. Lesson Planning: Four Stages of Game Play

Application and Assessments:
1. I observed a number of elementary kids that were playing soccer after school. They were a group of 4th graders. As I watched them, i noticed that almost all of them had good soccer skills in shooting, dribbling and passing the ball. They were playing a game of 5 on 5 with goalies. I feel that most of them were at level 3. I noticed that they were combining some of the skills such as dribbling and shooting. They definitely emphasized the rules when they felt it was necessary during the game. I feel that they were at the level 3 stage because they showed marking a man which involves defensive roles and they also showed that they each had certain positions on the field which is a good strategy. I feel that in order for these children to get the stage 4, they would need to work on each individual skill more and definitely combined passing, shooting, and dribbling. They could create more defenders on one team to make it more challenging to score. Also adding pressure the defense is a great way to keep them on their feet and make good decisions quickly. The last thing would be to increase the flow of the game play to really test their individual skills on and off the ball.
2. I would use the four stages of gameplay as a rubric in my own physical education class. I would use it to help me assess each individual student in my class. I can use it to see were my students are as a whole class and it will give me an idea what level to start at and what they could do to improve. During lab, we used a chart to come up with activities that progressed to each stage. This can be used in a physical education classroom.

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